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Walking Stick

website, identity

Walking Stick is a design furniture project based in Slovenia and lead by the artist Tobias Putrih.

Walking Stick’s visual identity is composed of a multitude of logos slightly differentiated by the alternative fonts.

The typography of the logo lettering is a version of OCR-Pbi, previously designed by Luuse and whose strokes are inherited from OCR-B.

This font, which has 2 to 4 alternative strokes for some letters (a-c-g-i-k-l-n-s-t-w), builds both the visual identity of the project, and also allows, for titles and other texts to be highlighted, to represent the main notion of the project: modularity. The appearance of the alternative characters has been developed in such a way as to intervene randomly and not controllable by the user.

(The Walking Stick project is a work in progress.)